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The Val Trebbia gets its name from the Trebbia river running through it. When Hemingway stayed here, he said “The Trebbia is the name of the river that marks one of the most beautiful valleys in Italy.” The Trebbia river is a popular sunbathing destination for people from Piacenza, Milan, Pavia and Cremona.

The itinerary starts in Rivergaro, with its castle-cum-villa, then continues up the scenic road to Pigazzano dotted with splendid castles. You can visit Rivalta Castle whose origins date back to 1025, as well as the castle of Statto and Scrivellano. Continuing the itinerary you come to Perino, Donceto and Travo with its Archaeological Park including a Neolithic village, an area with lots of south-facing vineyards which mainly produce white grapes for making the DOC Trebbianino Val Trebbia wine. We suggest you stop off at Pigazzano and enjoy the view of the Colli Piacentini from the panoramic terrace, which is an excellent destination for photography enthusiasts. Continuing along the itinerary you come to the beautiful city of Bobbio, the most important centre in the Val Trebbia and one of the main religious centres in Italy, as well as for art, culture and science, since the Middle Ages. The picturesque Ponte Gobbo, one of the symbols of the cities (linked to the legend of San Colombanus in the conflict with Satan) and the Abbey Museum. You can enjoy the beneficial effect of the sea in summer, given the proximity to Liguria. As well as being a lively city, Bobbio also hosts the Cinema Festival in summer and has excellent restaurants and farmhouse accommodation, where you can try some of the local specialities and taste some of the mountain wines. Carrying on the itinerary, you come to Monte Penice, with ski slopes for the winter season open from December to March thanks to artificial snow, and Ceci Le Vallette, which is famous for cross country skiing. After Bobbio you can reach the Val D’Aveto which goes to Liguria. The itinerary is about 90 kilometres long and can be done in a day, or you can stop off at a typical trattoria or restaurant.