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The Val Nure is one of the central valleys of the province and offers marvellous landscapes while walking or riding a mountain bike or motorbike. The valley gets its name from the Nure river which runs through it and is dotted with wonderful little towns and places to visit.

Going along the Vale Nure you can stop off at the medieval village of Grazzano Visconti, recreated in 1900 by Duke Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone, with the aim of recovering the prestigious local artisan tradition and to pass it down from generation to generation. Old documents bear witness to the existence of a village here in the fourteenth century. Today, Grazzano Visconti hosts several events and medieval processions throughout the year, as well as the charming local artisan shops that work with wrought iron and wood. All of this in a picturesque setting and medieval atmosphere, where you can also taste some local products and stay the night.

Carrying on through the Val Nure, you can visit Ponte dell’Olio, with its charming small medieval town, Riva Castle, Palazzo San Bono and the castle and church of Torrano. Also Ponte dell’Olio hosts many events. The name Ponte dell’Olio dates back to when the town used to be a place for bargaining olive oil from Liguria that was destined to the large markets in the Po Valley. There also used to be a flourishing wine market here.

It is a beautiful valley that continues through the villages of Bettola, Santo Stefano d’Aveto, rich in vegetation and dotted with numerous lakes including Lago Nero, Lago Moo and Lago Bino and lots of streams flowing into the Nure river. It is an excellent valley for cycling enthusiasts or motorcyclists or horse riders, thanks to the farmhouses with well-equipped riding stables. Vale Nure also has a lot of farmhouse accommodation where you can stay and enjoy the splendid vine-covered landscape and taste the local food and wine.