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Wines from Piacenza: we improve by tradition.
The Consortium for the Protection of DOC Colli Piacentini Wines welcomes you to the new website. You can find out more about our great traditional wines, keep up-to-date with events and get a taste of the magic that our area and cuisine have to offer.
“Wines from Piacenza are sociable, much-loved, precious, creative, unique, intense, authentic.”

Wines from Piacenza are treasures to be protected.
The Consortium for DOC Colli Piacentini wines has been dedicated to protecting and promoting DOC wines from the Province of Piacenza since 1986.

The Consortium aims to enhance the value of the local area by making sure that wine production in the hills around Piacenza is carried out respecting tradition and top quality. Another of the Consortium’s tasks is to support a series of promotional events to raise the image of Colli Piacentini wines and to promote them on an ever-growing and more specialised market, not just the Italian one.
The Consortium’s brand is always a quality guarantee for the entire production of the member wineries, due to the experience and reputation gained through the years and the careful and constant work carried out with small and large producers.
The “Piace Doc” brand (adopted by the Consortium for the Protection of DOC Colli Piacentini wines in 1999) sums up the concepts of pleasure, the quality of the designation of origin and the association with the world of Piacenza.
The Consortium for the protection of DOC Colli Piacentini wines was set up in Piacenza on 23/07/1986 and membership is voluntary.
The statute, which can be downloaded as a PDF file, was amended in 2012 and updated in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 61/10 and the Ministerial Decree of 16th December 2010 (Formation and recognition of Consortia for the protection of PDO and PGI products).
The Consortium is authorised according to article 17, clause 4 of Legislative Decree 61/2010, and exercises the functions of protection, promotion, valorisation, information to the consumer and general care of the interests of the protected designations (e.g. prepares and/or keeps the production regulations up-to-date with the new rules), for the following designations

Protected Designation of Origin:

Colli Piacentini
Ortrugo and Ortrugo dei Colli Piacentini

Protected Geographical Indication:

Terre di Veleja
Val Tidone

Normative requirements:

DLgs 61/10
DM 16.12.2010
DM 7422 del 12.05.2010



Roberto Miravalle

Vice President

Gianfranco Rossi

Vice President

Chiara Azzali

Borad member

Marco Profumo

Borad member

Patrizio Campana

Borad member

Stefano Michelotti

Borad member

Enrico Sgorbati

Borad member

Gianluca Maserati

Borad member

Bonelli Elena

Borad member

Giovanni Tavazzi

Borad member

Carlo Bassanini

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