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Gutturnio is a DOC Colli Piacentini wine made from the Barbera and Croatina grape varieties. Its history dates back to Roman times, with Lucius Calpurnius Piso, Julius Caesar’s father-in-law, whose mother was from Piacenza.

Gutturnio is widely produced throughout the Piacenza area. It has a bright ruby-red colour, with a dry or semi-dry taste, fresh, young; still or lively.

Local vinegrowers make several versions of Gutturnio DOC Colli Piacentini: Gutturnio Classico, Gutturnio Classico Riserva, Gutturnio Classico Superiore, Gutturnio Frizzante (semi-sparkling), Gutturnio Riserva and Gutturnio Superiore.

Gutturnio was the first wine from Piacenza to obtain Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC) classification.


The king of Piacenza wines
Colli Piacentini Gutturnio is a DOC wine made from Barbera and Croatina grapes that can only be produced in the province of Piacenza. It is the best-known and most common wine in Piacenza. There are three types of Gutturnio: Semi-sparkling, Superiore and Riserva. The Superiore and Riserva can age for years to improve their sensory properties. The Riserva must rest for at least six months in wooden barrels and cannot be sold until two years after the vintage. “Classico” written on the labels of the still version indicates a wine produced within the historic DOC area.
• Semi-sparkling
• Superiore
• Riserva

With a bright ruby-red colour of varying intensity, a distinctive grapey aroma and a dry or semi-dry fresh, young taste. Serve at 18°C. It goes well with soups, white meat and pork. Alcohol content 12%.

An intense ruby-red colour, slightly vinous, dry, fine with the typical sensory properties of the classico and superiore, it is sold from 1st April of the year after the harvest. Serve at 19-20°C. It is excellent with cheese and quality red meat. Alcohol content 12.5%.

Ruby-red colour, tangy aroma, pleasant, crisp dry flavour, well-orchestrated, full-bodied. It is aged for at least two years, six months of which in wooden containers from 1st October of the harvest year. Produced only in particularly good years, it maintains its high quality for a long time. Serve at 20°C. It goes well with game and full-flavoured braised meat dishes. Alcohol content 13%.